When evil men plot, good men must plan…

I want to believe these words with all my heart


Evil good men

I firmly believe that good people outnumber evil people on this planet – in all cultures and in all lands. Never lose hope in humanity no matter how much evil you see in this world. Good will always win.

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Welcome fellow doubters!!

So, life has not turned out exactly as you have planned.  You were once so certain of everything–family, career, and faith, to name a few.  Now you are not so certain how to proceed as a parent, a spouse, in a job you despise, in a church you no longer recognize or understand.

Well, you should take great comfort in knowing that you are not alone, not by a long shot.  And in finding this blog you have stumbled upon a place that will talk openly about everything related to our doubts about life.  In the process I hope to at least provide some with a place of connection, and at most help some find answers and encouragement (and experience some of my own from you the reader).

BIO: I have no particular ax to grind.  I am a Christian by birth and education but I find myself uncertain about quite a lot of it, yet I am still fighting to gain understanding.  I have several degrees in theology and biblical studies.  I have a beautiful family that I am trying not to screw up. And, well, you will learn the rest as we proceed…